Buy Monero using Cash by mail in United States of America from xmr393

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51.04 USD
Payment method:
Trade limits:
100.00 - 388.53 USD
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Terms of trade with xmr393

Buy Monero anonymously with cash by mail.

Buyer agrees not to use XMR for any illegal purposes!

My PGP Public Key

Do not send a check or money order. I only accept cash.

Ask me for the shipping information.

Please be patient waiting for the shipping information. I will check for new trades two or three times per day.

Try to use large bills and package the cash discretely.

Tracking is not required but if you have a tracking number, please send it to me. This will help me to process your order faster.

I will video record myself opening your envelope or package and counting the cash.

Please allow up to 24 hours for processing.

When payment is received, I will release the escrow.

I am not responsible for lost or delayed packages. You agree to cancel the trade if your package is lost.

Thank you for trading with me!

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Read the ad, and check the terms.
Propose a meeting place and contact time, if physical cash is traded.
Watch for fraudsters! Check the profile feedback, and take extra caution with recently created accounts.
Note that rounding and price fluctuations might change the final Monero amount. The Monero amount is calculated based on the trade currency amount you've entered.