Buy Monero using Transfers with specific bank: Zelle Pay - 1st Time Users Welcome - Release in Minutes with US Dollar (USD)

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140.72 USD

Trade limits:

5.00 - 2500.00 USD

Cannot request a trade for this ad at the time

Terms of trade with phoenix9110

I am offering Monero(XMR) for sale via Zelle Pay Instant Transfers(NO FEES). Quick and easy release within minutes!

FRAUD gets reported through and to Local Banks

First-time buyers be prepared to provide ID and your Bank's E-Statement to protect buyer/seller from fraud. NO SELFIE REQUIRED

  • The ID only needs to show your name. You can black out other information
  • The Statement only needs to show your Name and the bank name. You can crop this information and black out your address.

Click Here to see if your Bank or Credit Union is partnered with Zelle Pay. Most Major Banks and Credit Unions are.

Banks I do not allow:

  • Ally Bank
  • Capitol One Bank
  • Discover Bank

Note: If your Bank/Credit Union puts a temporary hold on the Zell Pay transfer, you agree to cancel the LocalMonero transaction and re-open another transaction for the total amount once the payment clears. Your coins will then be released to you.

This mainly only happens with the Banks mentioned above that I do not accept

Check out my LocalBitcoins Account:

  • 500+ Trades

  • 99% Feedback

  • 250-500 BTC Transacted

Report this advertisement by opening a ticket


  • Read the ad, and check the terms.
  • Propose a meeting place and contact time, if physical cash is traded.
  • Watch for fraudsters! Check the profile feedback, and take extra caution with recently created accounts.
  • Note that rounding and price fluctuations might change the final Monero amount. The Monero amount is calculated based on the trade currency amount you've entered.

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