Buy Monero using Western Union: Western Union or MoneyGram with US Dollar (USD)


490.83 USD

Payment method:

Trade limits:

2000.00 - 5000.00 USD

How much do you wish to buy?

Please note, the actual XMR amount of the trade may slightly differ from the currently shown amount due to price and exchange rate fluctuations.

  • Your email needs to be verified to open a trade with this ad
  • You have to make a trade for at least 2000.00 USD with this advertisement.
  • This trader allows maximum of 40 XMR for the first trade with him.

Terms of trade with BuyCoinFast


1. Provide your personal details you will be using to transfer funds.

  • Full Name
  • Your mobile number
  • Your full home address including Post code

2. It is mandatory for you to have a Telegram messenger installed on your smartphone

  • Go to your google or apple apps store and search for 'Plus telegram messenger"
  • register with your mobile number and reply me via chat
  • contact me via telegram and provide your username and Full Name

3. Terms:

  1. We do not accept online transfers, you have to go to the WU location(shop) and pay cash only.
  2. We reserver 2 working days to collect your payment
  3. We can collect your transfer during working hours Monday to Friday(no weekend collection) only.
  4. We DO NOT accept transfers from Ukraine, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Iran, Gaza, Lebanon, Syria or any African countries.

Do not accept my offer If you don't accept my terms.

4. In order to protect ourself from the fraudulent activity the video of the payment confirmation from your mobile app along with your selfie video and live location will be requested.

PS: i have a right to request id, address and live location(must be shared via telegram only) verification if necessary for my protection against fraudulent activity

Refund policy: No refund or trade cancelation under any circumstances.

Rate fluctuation terms:

  • If rate goes higher by the day your payment arrives, You must cancel the current trade and create a new trade with the same fiat amount.
  • If rate goes lower the rate stays the same, You must not create a new trade.
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  • Read the ad, and check the terms.
  • Propose a meeting place and contact time, if physical cash is traded.
  • Watch for fraudsters! Check the profile feedback, and take extra caution with recently created accounts.
  • Note that rounding and price fluctuations might change the final Monero amount. The Monero amount is calculated based on the trade currency amount you've entered.

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