Sell Monero using Cash by mail: GOLD by Mail. I mail you a 1/10th oz Britannia gold coin. with Gold Ounce (XAU)

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3.62 XAU


Seen 15 days ago

Payment method:

Trade limits:

10 - 10 XAU

Payment window:

90 minutes

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Terms of trade with monerosilver

This ad is labeled as "Cash by Mail" but it should actually be "Gold by Mail".


See my website:


  • You pay XMR, I mail you gold bullion.

  • I will send you a 1/10th-ounce Britannia gold coin.

  • I apologize that the pricing system here on LocalMonero is quite complicated... This ad is listed in XAU (Gold troy ounces) and the quantity says "1", but actually this ad is for a 1/10th troy ounce gold coin. I am limited by the LocalMonero pricing system, which is unable to list fractional quantities, and calculates prices using only two decimal places. If you have any questions about the pricing or trade details, please ask.

  • The gold coin is real and in excellent condition. Before I mail it, I will send you a picture of exactly what you will receive to make sure you are happy with what you are getting.

  • Free shipping, with tracking. USA only.


NOTE: Trading is not my full time job, so it might take me a day to notice your trade -- I will reply as soon as I see it. I am doing these trades to find out if there is sufficient demand for gold and silver in the Monero community to turn this into a real business. Thank you for your patience.

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  • Read the ad, and check the terms.
  • Propose a meeting place and contact time, if physical cash is traded.
  • Watch for fraudsters! Check the profile feedback, and take extra caution with recently created accounts.
  • Note that rounding and price fluctuations might change the final Monero amount. The Monero amount is calculated based on the trade currency amount you've entered.

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