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Trading Crypto Online and In LV pgp (For SIGNED messages in CLEAR- Otherwise no point in escrow) Active trades get priority [email protected] Jun +1 (702) 682-7657 TXT/VM 7am-11pm Pacific time

  • Great experience! Very tolerant while I fumbled around to get everything set up.

    2019-06-13 16:55 (GMT)

  • pretty good

    2019-06-10 23:40 (GMT)

  • works like a clock !

    2019-06-10 20:00 (GMT)

  • Great trade.

    2019-06-6 21:43 (GMT)

  • Very good communication and fast transaction. Thanks!

    2019-06-5 22:26 (GMT)

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SellerPayment methodPrice/XMRLimits
opticbit (165; 100%)
Cash by mail. 1oz krugerrand0.08 XAU1.00 - 1.09 XAUBuy
opticbit (165; 100%)
Cash by mail. USPS To Vegas102.34 USD1000.00 - 1390.96 USDBuy
opticbit (165; 100%)
Cash by mail. Mail to Vegas103.32 USD20.00 - 1404.28 USDBuy

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BuyerPayment methodPrice/XMRLimits
opticbit (165; 100%)
Cash deposit. Cash at Wells, BoA, USB, Chase, CU93.57 USD480.00 - 2900.00 USDSell
opticbit (165; 100%)
Reloadit. Reloadit with Cash Receipt image92.60 USD254.00 - 504.00 USDSell
opticbit (165; 100%)
Cash by mail. USPS From Las Vegas92.60 USD2000.00 - 5000.00 USDSell

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