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EXPAND FOR CONTACT INFO | As a long term vendor and buyer on localmonero with over 1000+ transactions. I make sure that your privacy is safe and secure and that payments will be smooth and fast!

Buyers who trade frequently and are verified will receive reduced fees on all payment methods!!! Example Cash App fees regularly : 8% - 13%

Trusted user fees for Cash App: 4% - 5%

I can pay or accept payment via other crypto, bank transfer, cash by mail, and other methods. I mostly trade BTC and XMR, but I can also accommodate a wide range of other coins depending on availability. Please contact me to discuss your specific requirements and find out if I can help.

Beware of impersonators who may try to scam you by pretending to be me 👈 Contact Me You can reach me on the following platforms:

Telegram: @Chimbussss Telegram Channel: xxx (Telegram channel is for users to see what Ads are active, fees for regular and trusted users, and amounts of xmr available) Signal: +1 (509) 490-0322 Session: 05b7055625521a4bc29fb555da21afa3af9818aeaa6110c222a08a71ffc12b976f

If you receive a message from anyone claiming to be me, please verify their username carefully and make sure it matches the ones listed above. ONLY SEND PAYMENTS TO THE PAYMENT DETAILS SENT IN CHAT, I WILL NEVER SEND THE PAYMENT DETAILS OFF LOCALMONERO

You can also view my 100% positive feedback here from over 1000+ trades


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(2026; 99%)
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🇺🇸 Other online payment CSGO SKINS / GOLD
347.68 USD
Up to
51.44 USD
(2026; 99%)
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🇺🇸 Gift Card Code (Global) message me what gift cards you have, always active😺
243.38 USD
25 -
36.01 USD
(2026; 99%)
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🇺🇸 Cash App (Square Cash) Send Cash for XMR 💯Trades Take Less Then 6 minutes⏱️
188.6 USD
Up to
27.91 USD

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