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You can subscribe to or look through the archives of a newsletter I publish about trading crypto (peer to peer) by following that link. If you have time and interest, you can get an excellent idea of what I'm trying to do with my life by reading through the posts listed in this search for "authority" on my blog.

My username on Telegram is @dscotese. I started a group on there for reporting scammers and impostors. If the topic interests you, here's a search for "scammer" in my blog. I'm more interested in making it easier for them to redeem themselves than in making them suffer. Vengeance and retribution is often far less satisfying than watching another human being figure out that trading honestly builds healthy and resilient networks, and then get down to the hard work of repairing whatever damage they have done to themselves and others by scamming.

If you want to encrypt a message to me, here's my PGP key. Also, you may like to know that I have a "warning canary" at the link to the archives of my newsletter (the first link above).

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