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Advertisement rules and requirements

Before creating an advertisement please read through our Terms of Service and guides

Each completed trade costs advertisers 1% of the total trade amount.
You must have at least 0.350000000000 XMR in your LocalMonero wallet for a posted sell ad to be visible.
Each user is allowed to create up to 100 ads.
Once a trade is opened the price is final, except when there is a clear mistake in the pricing.
You are not allowed to buy or sell Monero on behalf of someone else (brokering).
You may only use payment accounts that are registered in your own name (no third party payments!).
You must provide your payment details in the advertisement or in the trade chat.
All communication must happen on LocalMonero.

Step 1

Type of trade

What kind of trade advertisement do you wish to create? If you wish to sell Monero make sure you have Monero in your LocalMonero wallet.