The Monero Standard #4: 9 March 2022 - 16 March 2022

By Kivojo

Monero Standard

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Recent News


  • Luke Smith and Kevin Wad had a talk about The Future of Monero, be sure to check it.

  • Monerujo Android wallet "Baldaŭ" (v2.4.1) has been released. M2049r introduced the stable update with changes since past stable version (v2.3.1) as:

    • Support multiple colour themes
    • Fix sharing
    • Add settings
    • Fantastic UI tweaks

    You can download the latest stable version from GitHub or the official F-Droid repo.

  • Motherboard published an article called "What Happened to the Dream of Private Cryptocurrency?" interviewing with Vik Sharma, CEO of Cake Technologies, and SethForPrivacy.

  • Bitcoin Magazine published "Bitcoin And The Hidden Costs Of Hyper-Adoption" pointing to many Bitcoin's trade-offs when it comes to using it privately.

  • Wasabi Wallet, a well-known Bitcoin wallet with trustless coinjoin abilities, announced that it's going to start working with blockchain analysis firms to reject certain UTXOs that are suspicious for been involved in illegal activities. Many from the community are suspicious that this act is due to the latest news about Bitfinex and DAO hacks that hackers used Wasabi Wallet to obfuscate the trace of stolen Bitcoins. Coinjoin is a centralized system and because of its nature it also can be used to censor any kind of attempt that the blochcain analysis firms deem to block. Samourai Wallet, another Bitcoin wallet with built-in coinjoin ability announced in a tweet that users can use the WASABI_REFUGEES discount code in the app to get 30% discount on all mixing fees until March 21 end of the day (UTC).

  • Haven Protocol, a fork of Monero which provides private coins such as xUSD, xEUR, xGOLD, xBTC and its native token XHV, and THORChain, a liquidity network for exchanging cryptocurrencies in a trustless and decentralized fashion, both saw a surge in price (up to 90%) when Haven introduced the code for integrating Haven in THORChain is complete and ready for review. Fastest place you can exchange and get some XHV or RUNE (THORChain's native token) is TradeOgre which doesn't require any kind of KYC policy. Also Haven is in partnership with Cake Technologies to integrate the protocol inside the Cake Wallet app.

  • Russel Brand posted a video called "While You’re All Distracted By Ukraine..." highlighting recent economic news and impacts of cryptocurrencies and their censorship-resistance aspects.

  • now provides streaming over I2P at this address: xmrradio.i2p

  • Biden administration signed the Digital Asset executive order to ensure the crypto markets become highly regulated and KYC/AML compliant. Of course it doesn't matter for Monero.

Price and Blockchain Statistics

Market Capitalization$3.395 billion
Total Supply18,093,310 XMR
LocalMonero's Street Price$196.27
Average Transaction Fee0.00015 XMR ($0.029)
Block Height2,580,553
Block Reward0.6741+0.00538 XMR ($127.87)
Hashrate2.63 Gh/s
Transaction Ratio to Bitcoin8.5%

Price Chart

Price Chart

Hashrate Distribution

Hashrate Distribution

Fun Facts


Did you know KYC policies have a large negative impact on global economy? If you are a service provider, don't implement them into your services; If you are a customer, avoid them by using services which doesn't require you to identify yourself, is a great resource for finding such services. For more information about how KYC impacts you in your daily live, watch this video.


JuicySMS Online SMS Service

Tired of always being stuck at the sign-in page of websites because they want to know your phone number and you're dead-serious that you're not going to provide them with your real phone number? Try JuicySMS for online verification for many services and purchase with Monero. Although they don't deposit less than $3, so maybe you can purchase with Monero from this vendor at Bitejo that offers those numbers from JuicySMS without the need to deposit $3 (Warning: I'm not affiliated with this vendor and use it at your own risk)

Notable Projects

How to Help Monero

  • has a very detailed article for newcomers and how they can help and contribute to the idea and philosophy of Monero, check them out. Also be sure to check this article in LocalMonero's Knowledge Base.

  • UkoeHB's proposal for Seraphis is ready for funding, be sure to check it and if you liked, donate some sweet Moneroj to it.

  • CryptoGrampy introduced the PocketNode project, an Android app for using a spare phone as a full or pruned Monero node. If you are familiar with Android programming and are willing to help, the GitHub repo is here.


  • LibRedirect is a free-software extension for major browsers (currently available for Firefox and Edge in their native stores) that redirects you to privacy-preserving alternatives for many mainstream online services such as YouTube, Reddit, Twitter, Wikipedia and more. Their GitHub repo is available here. Please note that Tor Browser developers advise not to install any additional extension into their browser, LibreWolf and Brave seem to be fine.
  • Monero Art Fund is a community effort of artists and designers who try to provide the community with the latest gorgeous designs of MoneroChan, the anime girl becoming the mascot of Monero. If you enjoyed the art, support them by donation to help them continue. We at this newsletter had the pleasure to use their arts because we're too lazy. :)



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