The Monero Standard #8: 6 April 2022 - 13 April 2022

By Kivojo

Monero Standard

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Recent News

  • Monerun, A worldwide co-ordinated Monero run on centralized exchanges in 2022 to force centralized exchanges to buy back real Monero, is planned for April 18th. Be sure to take control of your coins on that day to squeeze them hard.
  • MoneroKon 2022 tickets are available through
  • Centralized exchanges like Binance and Huobi disabled XMR withdrawals for the excuse of "maintenance".
  • Reuters article of "Cryptoverse: Remember when bitcoin was 'anonymous'?" featuring Monero.

Price and Blockchain Statistics

Market Capitalization$4.242 billion
Total Supply18,106,696 XMR
Price$234.13 5.24% in 7 days
LocalMonero's Street Price$243.51
Average Transaction Fee0.00016 XMR ($0.037)
Block Height2,600,803
Block Reward0.6486+0.00519 XMR ($153.05)
Hashrate2.966 Ghash/s -2.88% in 24 hours
Transaction Ratio to Bitcoin9.1%

Price Chart

Price Chart

Hashrate Distribution

Hashrate Distribution

Fun Facts

Cell Phone Metadata

Recently a spike in sales of "dumb phones" has shown us that more people are now concerned about their personal privacy while using a cell phone. Cell phones, especially smart phones, are a great threat to your personal privacy when they are connected to internet. Even without the internet, today smart phones are becoming harder and harder to mitigate basic privacy concerns like location discovery when using a sim card with, due to the stupid "integration" of batteries. Here's Richard Stallman, founder of Free Software Foundation, explaining why.

Remember the most important goal of Monero is to always rise the cost of mass surveillance, be sure to adapt that in other aspects of your life. Use a linux/*BSD computer, reject smart phones, reject IoT and Internet of Bodies, become your true self.


LandChad website is a curated source for how you can run your own website and fediverse without the prying eyes of governments and big tech.


Notable Projects



  • LibRedirect is a free-software extension for major browsers (currently available for Firefox and Edge in their native stores) that redirects you to privacy-preserving alternatives for many mainstream online services such as YouTube, Reddit, Twitter, Wikipedia and more. Their GitHub repo is available here. Please note that Tor Browser developers advise not to install any additional extension into their browser, LibreWolf and Brave seem to be fine.
  • Monero Art Fund is a community effort of artists and designers who try to provide the community with the latest gorgeous designs of MoneroChan, the anime girl becoming the mascot of Monero. If you enjoyed the art, support them by donation to help them continue. We at this newsletter had the pleasure to use their arts because we're too lazy. :)



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Study Time

The Anonymity Manifesto by CryptoAnalyst

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