The Monero Standard #9: 13 April 2022 - 20 April 2022

By Kivojo

Monero Standard

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Recent News

  • Monero community celebrated the 8th anniversary of Monero project by holding Monerun, a decentralized audit on centralized exchanges, that resulted in ~10% raise in market price and hitting the 110 days high. Hall of shame for this run belongs to Binance and others for their manipulation of the market.


  • Monero dev team reaches consensus for V15 hard-fork, planned for July 16th 2022. Make sure to update your wallets and nodes on the day. Read more about Monero hard-forks here.
  • Reemuru published "This Year in Monero - 2022" on Monero's official blog.
  • Decrypt, Vice Motherboard and Bloomberg covered Monerun.
  • Tornado Cash, an obfuscation method similar to Coinjoin for Ethereum, introduced its partnership with Chainalysis to censor blacklisted ETH addresses. A few weeks ago Wasabi wallet, a privacy-centric Bitcoin wallet, introduced the same; Leaving CashFushion as the only wide-known obfuscation method on public ledgers, although CashFushion comes with its own problems.

use monero

Price and Blockchain Statistics

Market Capitalization$4.668 billion
Total Supply18,110,081 XMR
Price$257.92 +10.33% in 7 days
LocalMonero's Street Price$275.02
Average Transaction Fee0.00013 XMR ($0.034)
Block Height2,606,066
Block Reward0.6421+0.00443 XMR ($166.66)
Hashrate3.227 Ghash/s +2.36% in 24 hours
Transaction Ratio to Bitcoin8.1%

Price Chart

Price Chart

Hashrate Distribution

Hashrate Distribution

Fun Facts

VPNs for Privacy (WRONG!)

VPNs were built with corporate usage in mind for the times an employee wants to use the internal network of a company from remote and were not built to preserve your privacy. Use a VPN only if you trust your VPN provider more than your ISPs. If you want a trustless solution like Monero, use Tor and/or I2P.



EngVid website is a place to learn English for free from native-speaker teachers. They accept Monero as donation.

Notable Projects


  • has a very detailed article for newcomers and how they can help and contribute to the idea and philosophy of Monero, check them out. Also be sure to check this article in LocalMonero's Knowledge Base.
  • Monero Bounties website is a well-written and up-to-date source of Monero projects.
  • Shruum is a fork of Monerujo, the first Monero wallet for Android, planned for being "Tor and Monero"-only. Check the repository here and support at your will.


  • LibRedirect is a free-software extension for major browsers (currently available for Firefox and Edge in their native stores) that redirects you to privacy-preserving alternatives for many mainstream online services such as YouTube, Reddit, Twitter, Wikipedia and more. Their GitHub repo is available here. Please note that Tor Browser developers advise not to install any additional extension into their browser, LibreWolf and Brave seem to be fine.
  • Monero Art Fund is a community effort of artists and designers who try to provide the community with the latest gorgeous designs of MoneroChan, the anime girl becoming the mascot of Monero. If you enjoyed the art, support them by donation to help them continue. We at this newsletter had the pleasure to use their arts because we're too lazy. :)



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Monerujo Funding

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Meme of the Week


Study Time

"Mastering Monero: The future of private transactions" is your guide through the world of Monero, a leading cryptocurrency with a focus on private and censorship-resistant transactions. This book contains everything you need to know to start using Monero in your business or day-to-day life, even if you've never understood or interacted with cryptocurrencies before.
The first portion of the book is a friendly (non-technical) introductions to key concepts and skills - chapters 1 and 2 start from scratch, and cover everything you need to know to transact safely. For curious readers, chapters 3 and 4 conceptually explain how Monero's blockchain and privacy technologies work (no math). Later chapters dive deeply into the internals of Monero, its mathematics, its code, and how to contribute.

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