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3 years ago

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1 hours

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Trading Online and In Vegas.

expand for all info.

Pacific Time (GMT-8)

Available M-F 8a-6p
Bank Gift Cards In person trades

Extended hrs 6a-11p.
Altcoins 7Days.
In person m-f Notify by 5pm
Sat Notify by 5p Fri

No Recent site activity? Alert me I'll be back soon.

Mostly mobile,
Allow a few minutes to respond on a site. Contact below for Faster response.

Most Coins kept in my own wallet. Message me amount desired I can reload more soon.

Price Non-Negotiable
Limit Non-Negotiable

$3000/person/day max.
Do NOT use a 2nd trade for higher limits.
*1 gift card per trade, upto $500 x 5.
1 Trade per day from my USD account.
Metal/Crypto limited on availability.

Money you send was obtained legally,
Money you receive will be used legally.

NO third parties, No Brokering. Your own account only. Have them use their own account

Verification of
ID, Address, Selfie With Note, Social Media Reputation Might be requested.
(more likely if you fail to follow instructions or on higher risk trades).

Prices good upto 1 HR 59m (Expires on the hr) Extended if the market stays within 1%

No Cancelling after I’ve accepted the trade

Cash By Mail Price Lock/Float. Escrow Lock.
Direct Float (Fibonacci step discount).
Float/Lock change must be requested at 1st HR.

Do Not Reserve my coins Longer than needed.

Use advertised payment option ONLY.
No Paypal, Zelle, Venmo, CashApp, MG, WU, W2W.

Methods available:

I buy/sell Crypto for: Alt-coins
Las Vegas In Person Cash By Mail Gold, Silver.

I Buy Crypto
Cash Deposit:
Business: WF BoA Chase

Money Order: Personal: WF BoA Chase

A little further away:
Walmart, Costco, Citi, USBank
Shared Branch Credit Union
Some Smaller Banks.

Gift cards,
I only Buy with cash at a store.
I don't accept them. Do NOT ask.
Shredded 24hrs-7days after release.

ReLoadit, One Vanilla, MoneyPack,
Amazon, Walmart, Apple Store,
Starbucks, Target. Others Ask
NO iTunes

Advertised Price distance from exchange index may change to balance Cash/Crypto
There is NO fee. It is a price above or below spot.

Exchanges have different rates keep a little extra crypto available
for price difference/drops and mining.

Not your keys Not Your Coins.
Store Coins in your own wallet, Involve your own keys when possible.
3-2-1 backup your key.

Upgrade BTC to Segwit https://bitcoin.org/en/choose-your-wallet
Electrum Suggested Desk/Laptop/Android
iOS Coinomi or Edge Suggested. Android Samourai too.

Check first and last characters of wallet
Verify reputable trader and escrow.
Use secure communication. Multi-sig available electrum/bitpay

Impersonators On Multiple Platforms.
Verify a Link in BOTH directions for any contact you think is highly trusted

No trades from New York State
Contact your Representatives

Sometimes I travel to
California, AZ, UT.
or Portland, ME (Holidays)

Learn pgp.
Desktop PGP: https://bitbin.it/a50Kus24/ a public key means nothing
if its not used to sign/verify.

Verified Social Media/Reputation:

Email: opticbit@protonmail.com
Phone: JAN'21 +1 (702) 762-3855 updated in my profile anually.



  • good as always! Fast and reliable

    2021-01-23 0:07

  • Great trader, fast release

    2021-01-22 14:30

  • Ive traded with opticbit several times now and he's always great to work with :)

    2021-01-22 2:31

  • Great experience

    2021-01-22 0:24

  • Good solid trader

    2021-01-21 14:43

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